Beatriz Hernandez – Get to know our Research Team

In brief videos (English and Spanish) we introduce our excellent academic staff. The Jean Monnet Research Project “The reconfiguration of the EU presence in Latin America”  – in short: @EUinLAC – brings together an interdisciplinary team of young and established scholars, balanced in gender and age. We are glad to give insights on their expertise and research.

Today we present Beatriz Hernandez, Diego Portales University in Chile:


Have a look on her Twitter to get an idea about her work and daily acitivities: @beatheral

Short bio – Beatriz Hernandez:

Beatriz Hernández holds a PhD in European Studies from the Instituto Ortega y Gasset in Madrid, an MA in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University and a Masters in Political Science, specialising in International Relations, from the Catholic University of Chile. She is Professor of International Relations at the Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) and Researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICSO). She has been a Jean Monnet Professor since 2009 for teaching and research projects on migration, development cooperation, environment and energy. She is President of the European and Regional Studies Association (ECSA Chile).

Breve bio – Beatriz Hernandez:

Beatriz Hernández es doctora en Estudios Europeos por el Instituto Ortega y Gasset de Madrid, M.A. en Estudios Latinoamericanos de la Universidad de Georgetown y Master en Ciencia Política, especialidad en Relaciones Internacionales, de la Universidad Católica de Chile. Es profesora de Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) e Investigadora del Instituto de Ciencias Sociales (ICSO). Es profesora “Jean Monnet” desde el año 2009 tanto para docencia como proyectos de investigación sobre las migraciones, la cooperación al desarrollo, el medio ambiente y energía. Es Presidenta de la Asociación de Estudios Europeos y Regionales (ECSA Chile).

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