Maria Garcia – Get to know our Research Team

In brief videos (English and Spanish) we introduce our excellent academic staff. The Jean Monnet Research Project “The reconfiguration of the EU presence in Latin America”  – in short: @EUinLAC – brings together an interdisciplinary team of young and established scholars, balanced in gender and age. We are glad to give insights on their expertise and research.

Today we present Maria Garcia, University of Bath in the United Kingdom:


Para ver el vídeo en castellano, pulse aquí (Enlace Youtube).

Have a look on her Twitter to get an idea about her work and daily acitivities: @MariaG_UniBath

Short bio – Maria Garcia:

Maria Garcia is a senior lecturer and head in the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies at the University of Bath (UK). Prior to that she held a Marie Curie International Fellowship at the NCRE, University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Her research focuses on EU trade policy, EU-Latin American trade agreements, labour and gender clauses in trade agreements, and, more recently, the trade implications of Brexit, and has appeared published in various journals including the Journal of Common Market Studies. She currently leads a GW4 project investigating regional business engagement in influencing UK trade policy in the context of Brexit in Wales and the South West. She is the co-editor (with S. Khorana) of the Handbook on European Union and Trade Policy (2018, Edward Elgar), and of a forthcoming volume with MUP on EU-Latin American relations in the era of megaregional agreements (with A. Gomez-Arana).

Breve bio – Maria Garcia:

María García es profesora titutlar y directora del Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, Relaciones Internacionales e Idiomas en la Universidad de Bath en Inglaterra. Antes de su llegada a Bath, fue Marie Curie International Fellow en el centro de estudios europeos (NCRE) de la Universidad de Canterbury en Nueva Zelanda. Su labor de investigación se centra en la política commercial de la UE, los acuerdos comerciales entre la UE y los países latinoaméricanos, los capítulos de Desarrollo sostenible y de género en acuerdos comerciales, y más recientemente en las concuencias del Brexit en las relaciones comerciales. Su trabajo ha aparecido en varias publicaciones como Journal of Common Market Studies y Journal of World Trade. También ha co-editado (con S. Khorana) un manual sobre la política comercial de la UE (Handbook on European Union and Trade Policy, 2018, Edward Elgar) y otro (con A. Gómez-Arana) sobre las relaciones entre la UE y Latinoamérica que saldrá proximamente con Manchester University Press (EU-Latin American relations in the era of megaregional agreements 2021).

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